SuiteWorld Day 4: Let's Get Growing

Jason Maynard hosting day 4 of Suiteworld

Having already released new features and announced ones for the future, the last of of SuiteWorld 2018 is all about the customers. With customer stories, a pep talk from Magic Johnson and more information on Grow Wire, there isn’t to much to digest for those who may have have a sore head from the Gala last night.

Grow Wire

The last day is all about customer growth and NetSuite earlier revealed their plans to launch a new platform called Grow Wire. This isn’t an app, it’s not integratable or anything like that. This is a digital platform built to share stories, success, resources and to offer help/advice for SMB’s to make that jump up to the next level.

As well as offering resources and industry news, Grow Wire has 2 unique sections to it a well as industry relevant articles. One section is Businesswomen, a dedicated section for women with big ideas and highly respected roles. It’s a growing community for women within business to help share their success and inspire other women to help close the gender pay gap.
The other section is the Grow Lab which shows what other businesses in your industry has done, how they perform and simple metrics for benchmark comparison. This is great for small businesses to gauge a better idea of their standings and some resources to help them develop.
As well as articles there is audio and video content, Jason Maynard will be hosting regular podcasts with businesses and industry leading experts to learn from. Be it their back story, what motivates them or advice on how to mirror their success, Jason will be doing all he can to deliver charming and information rich podcasts.
Finally there’s The Grow Show. This is hosted by the star of this years SuiteWorld, Kendall Fisher and the pilot can be seen below.

Customer Success

Nothing screams NetSuite more than showing off it’s fantastic customers and giving them a platform to air their voice, after all features are great but success is the key to determining whether a business solution is viable or not. Two different customers stepped up to give their story this year;
Aesop: Troy Smith from Aesop took to the stage, giving an overview of the business. Specialising in luxury cosmetics such as skin care, body care and more, Aesop looked to NetSuite to solve their biggest issue, being local whilst trading global.
Whilst starting out back in 1987, Australian based business Aesop now trade in over 22 different countries with over 320+ stores, all of which are unique in design. The issues and challenges faced were local compliance, tax regulations and working within the community they opened whilst all being connected to a core framework. Something NetSuite has not only resolved but improved, giving Aesop the ability to focus on what matters most to them, providing exceptional customer service and cosmetics.
Steiner Sports: CMO and COO Kelvin Joseph is the key speaker for Steiner. Steiner is a world leading distributor of sports autographed memorabilia but also uses all sporting connections to help business grow.
An example he mentioned is a CEO is trying to pitch to 50+ C level executives but can’t get them all in the room at the same time. Steiner uses their connections to reach out, arrange the meeting whilst informing them of a major sports star who will be attending to attract a high level executive. Their issue was to revolutionise there services. Autographs are no longer as renowned as they used to be, especially with technology and the modern art of “Selfies”. Steiner are now more services based, bringing the celebrity/sports star to their audiences and NetSuite helps bring all communications, accounts, organisations and the business as a whole together.

That’s a wrap!

It’s been another fantastic SuiteWorld with more announcements and features than ever before! The crowd continues to grow with each year that passes and every SuiteWorld reminds me NetSuite is always developing, always looking to offer that extra bit to aid customers growth. This year machine learning, an all new user interface and completely reinvented applications stole the show, features we should be seeing within the next couple of updates. If you wish to relive the show, a recording of the live stream is just below.


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