SuiteWorld 2013 Day 4 – SuiteMan Goldberg

Dragging Evan out of his “Man-cave” is just about the most difficult thing to do in the world of NetSuite – fortunately it happens quite regularly at SuiteWorld. Though this year, he brought his Man-cave to SuiteWorld.
Enter, stage center, “SuiteMan”! Continuing on the “hero” theme we were subject to Evan Goldberg, CTO and Founder of NetSuite, wearing a cap and mask and becoming “SuiteMan”, a Batman parody. Saving the world from the ignominy of poor, second rate and inferior business software. You can’t help but be in awe of the man who quite obviously doesn’t just still code and contribute to the development of the core system – he insists on it.
And this passion really is heartening, as are some of the improvements he demonstrated during his keynote. We were introduced to the concept of “StickEase”, the ability to register colour coded and role-restricted “sticky notes” to the system – it sounds / looks pretty tacky when I first saw it but I can absolutely see the logic in it. Personally I think someone quite close to the development team has been caught putting stick-its on their monitor to remember things so they decided to “technologise” it.
We saw the potential of a recent acquisition “LightCMS” that is going to revolutionise how businesses and administrators are going to manage and manipulate their NetSuite SuiteCommerce website – a drag and drop means of making some very detailed changes to the appearance that must surely be part of the longer-term plan to make NetSuite a truly beautiful user experience. I would say ERP, I just can’t bring myself to say “beautiful” first of all – but the new OpenAir interface, being rolled out shortly, and the ever evolving NetSuite UI are going to pretty much nail that description.
“Reminders on Steroids”, as he termed the new “My Worklist” functionality, were also demonstrated – a much more intuitive way of working with and managing reminders that still retained the existing and useful functionality to use saved searches and the like. There was also visibility of the development being invested in the latest mobile application, in the first instance this will be on iOS though an Android edition is also planned. Here at NoBlue we’ve been involved beta-testing this application and have spent quite a while with the design team discussing it this week – it’s already quite impressive but if the progress so far is anything to go by then by release it’s going to be immense.
Another nice piece of functionality is the ability to “drag-and-drop” a file to be attached to a NetSuite record – for those that don’t need or want to use as their file storage alternative this is a very nice feature addition.
All of this, as a user, was great news – but the added accounting and billing functionality eclipsed it. The reason most companies choose NetSuite is for this core offering and I do not see that changing any time soon, though User Experience may move up the tree, and over the next 18 months or so we can expect to see “Multi-book accounting” which will not only allows us review accounts according to GAAP & IFRS at the same time, but to do so in more than one currency! The ability to configure transactions to affect the General Ledger in different ways according to your accounting book and see the effect that has at the click of a button for comparison received a huge round of applause.
Geeks, all of them, I say! Even I was impressed. This concept was first rumoured last year so to see that it may be out by this time next year makes every presentation slide titled “Caution: Forward Looking Statements” a necessary but, given their track record, quite ironic one they are obliged to make.
NetSuite are pretty good at delivering on their forward looking statements – it’s what makes the solution such a huge advantage over on-premise alternatives and really sets them apart in the SaaS ERP space.
I’ll close this out with one final comment – and no, not the ongoing mission statement to enable NetSuite as the most customisable (if you wish it) business platform in the world; but with the news that NetSuite are going to offer “out-of-the-cloud” native integration with other NetSuite instances: An integrated EDI to other users of NetSuite?
That’s a game-changer.


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