2/3 H2O Business Park, Lake View Drive, Nottingham
The Picker Institute

We provided on-going NetSuite support to the international charity, The Picker Institute.

Taking advantage of a charity edition of NetSuite, The Picker Institute benefited from a long-running Support contract with ourselves to help them with any usability issues they faced.

Contactable over the phone or email, our team prided themselves on helping Picker to benefit from NetSuite as much as possible.

The Picker Institute is an international charity working across health and social care. Established in 2000, the organisation continues to have a significant impact in the field of person and family centred care.

They use people’s experiences of health and social care to identify priorities in delivering the highest care quality. We measure experiences to uncover incidences of excellent and poor care delivery. We work across health and social care systems to support organisations to improve the quality of care.