NoBlue introduces Zuus Workforce as workforce management cloud software partner

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Nottingham, UK and Palo Alto, California – 18th September 2015 –  Cloud IT solutions provider, NoBlue Limited, and Zuus Workforce, the leading workforce management solution provider, today announce a partnership to bring cloud workforce management solutions to NetSuite customers in Europe and the United Kingdom.
Zuus serves businesses with fluctuating customer demand to accurately determine staff scheduling. Results of working with Zuus include:

  • Consistent reduction of labour costs by 3 to 5 percent
  • More than 85 percent improvement in efficiency of manual workforce management processes
  • Reduction in unnecessary wage spend
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Improved customer experience

Zuus Workforce’s core module is a powerful staff scheduling solution ideal for businesses that have a pool of staff, where staffing levels are related to changes in customer demand. Examples include:

  • Restaurants where the number of customers and sales drives staffing levels
  • Manufacturing where the customer orders change the product line requirements
  • Retail where matching staffing levels to the number of customers coming through the door increases revenues
  • Security where contract demands change
  • Health where number of patients determines staffing levels

NoBlue Managing Director, Ian Irwin says, “With all of our solutions designed to complement NetSuite, we can offer one truly integrated cloud-based system. And now that we’ve added Zuus Workforce to our core solution, we can service any business who has a pool of staff who work flexible rosters and needs to add their data to the NetSuite cloud.”
“We welcome NoBlue as our EMEA provider.” said Rachael Skinner, CEO and Founder of Zuus Workforce. “Zuus now has regional experts across the globe. NoBlue are the perfect partner to manage Zuus sales, implementation and support in EMEA. Their approach to designing tailored business solutions with a customer- and solution-centric focus is an essential quality for successful Zuus Workforce expansion in EMEA.”


For further information, please contact:
Laura Bee
Marketing Specialist
NoBlue Limited
0115 758 8888
[email protected]
About NoBlue
NoBlue specialises in developing and implementing tailored cloud-based IT solutions based around the NetSuite product. Based in Nottingham, we are centrally located to provide comprehensive support to companies across the UK and Europe.
NoBlue’s aim is to help growing businesses and established enterprises find their perfect IT solution, enabling them to run their entire business with one integrated solution.
As one of the few NetSuite partners in the UK and Europe to have staff recognised to the standard of “NetSuite Certified ERP Consultant” and “NetSuite Certified SuiteCloud Developer”, we are well placed to support our customers’ needs.
For more information on NoBlue, NetSuite and Zuus Workforce in EMEA please visit or email [email protected].
About Zuus Workforce
Zuus is all about schedules, time & attendance and advanced labour reporting in the cloud. Established and growing businesses alike can leverage Zuus to improve transparency of labour cost data across the organisation, eliminate inefficient data entry and speed up workforce management processes. Integrations with major point of sale, business intelligence and HR systems means no more redundant, double-entry data.
Zuus is the centerpiece of your workforce management plan. Zuus takes into account KPI targets, wage award rates & work orders including penalties, and staff availability. Comprising multiple cloud-based modules like payroll integrations and time & attendance based around a core of efficient and effective scheduling.
Zuus reduces labour cost percentage by 3-5% and reduces payroll admin by more than 85%.
In our design, we focus on the question “Is this better for the staff?” because happy staff give customers a great experience. Zuus Workforce empowers frontline managers to get staffing levels right by making informed decisions from actionable information and achieving a balance between employees’ needs and business requirements.


More Information

Stephen Adamson


[email protected]

(+44) 115 758 8888
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