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Time to take your business to the cloud? – How cloud computing is changing your industry for the better (Part 3)

Advances in cloud computing has lead to some pretty revolutionary benefits in enterprise, many of which we’ve already talked about in this multi-part feature. And whilst the number of businesses embracing cloud technology is consistently growing, the real success is the significant impact had on entire industries, changing the way industry-specific tasks and best practices are implemented for the better.

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3 ways integrated ERP can boost sales

For many companies, integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) is a valuable tool for reducing business costs, eliminating duplicated work efforts across multiple areas via one unified system. Combine this with increased visibility into task performance, real-time reporting, and remote access via the cloud and the financial benefits are very clear. These are all solid…

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Is your IT infrastructure killing your profits? How cloud-based ERP can reduce expenditure

When companies make the decision to implement cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software), it’s typically a decision based on the need to improve visibility across a multitude of business processes and to enable the sharing of information across different departments – accessible both on and off the premises. But what about the financial benefits, particularly…

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