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More Than a Product Configurator

Verenia for NetSuite is the only configure, price, quote (CPQ) software that is 100% native to NetSuite and the only CPQ solution available that is truly omnichannel. This NetSuite CPQ provides comprehensive solutions for the front office, dealer and distributor networks, and the in-store experience. Designed for companies complex, configured products or organisations with a wide range of products and services, Verenia for NetSuite streamlines your sales processes, empowering you to sell more, faster.

How Verenia for NetSuite Works for You

Verenia for NetSuite offers a Sales Portal for channel management; a Product Configurator for configuring complex products without errors; a Guided Selling module that simplifies complex data for non-configured products; a Proposal Generator that creates stunning proposals with error-free quotes; and the In-Store Experience to personalise and brand the customer experience to compete with Amazon.

Reduce Sales Cycle by 27%
Verenia for NetSuite gives your reps all the information and tools they need to deliver accurate quotes and orders, enabling them to sell more and faster than ever before.
Reduce errors by 93%
Eliminating errors in quotes, orders, and configurations will save lots of time on corrections and loads of money on lost or reworked orders.
Reduce Training by 99%
New reps will be able to start selling like experts on their first day, providing errorless quotes and orders and offering promotions, cross-sells, upsells, and add-ons without missing a beat.
Increase Conversions by 49%
Verenia can access all data in the NetSuite ecosystem, that can be leveraged to generate more sales leads. Reps can upsell and cross-sell to customers and personalise their experience.
Increase Deal Size by 105%
Not just selling faster but also sell more. As your reps will be able to offer every cross-sell, upsell, add-on, and promotion, increasing the amount of product you move and your revenue.





Verenia for NetSuite is a powerful CPQ, B2B, and ecommerce solution to support your sales team, manage your catalogue, and accurately configure products, quotes, and orders for greater efficiency.

Verenia forNetSuite

Verenia for NetSuite brings omnichannel operational efficiencies to manufacturing, wholesale, retail, marketing, software, and service industries. The sales processes are streamlined from front to back using dynamic rules and a user-friendly interface for sales and customer service teams.

This web-based CPQ solution enforces business logic to manage discounts, promotions, upsells, cross-sells and to ensure error-free configurations of complex pricing, products, and services.

100% NetSuite Native

Verenia for NetSuite is 100% native to NetSuite, which means there’s no integration required. It will work across all of NetSuite’s products and add-ons, and all your of data will remain secure within the NetSuite ecosystem.
Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing rules allow you to calculate profit margins and commissions, create specific rates per customer, and break down amounts and discounts. As variables and options are selected, prices and costs are automatically adjusted in real time.
Completely Customisable
With Verenia for NetSuite, you can host unlimited products, user-defined fields, and definitions for categories and options, using predefined templates or designing your own with 2D images. Everything is customisable to your specific business needs.
User Friendly
Verenia for NetSuite provides a user-friendly, Amazon-like interface that is web-based and mobile friendly. Sales reps can sell, configure, and quote anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
Verenia for NetSuite is the only truly omnichannel CPQ solution available. Its multifaceted modules streamline front office sales, dealer and distributor networks, and the in-store experience.
Verenia for NetSuite provides the best CPQ solutions to all industries: manufacturing, wholesale, retail, marketing, software, and service.

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