Box Elite Edition - secure cloud file storage for large enterprises

Box Elite Edition

Box Elite Edition is the best option if your business is a large enterprise. It provides all the powerful features that users of the Enterprise Edition can expect, but with added support and testing capabilities. It offers everything businesses need to be sure that highly confidential files are able to be collaborated on and shared with ease – both internally and externally.

For large enterprises with hundreds of users or complex file sharing requirements, Box Elite Edition offers unparalleled capabilities in terms of performance, features and security.

Like the Enterprise Edition of the cloud-based file sharing technology, Box Elite Edition can be rolled out to unlimited collaborators, who will be able to take advantage of powerful search tools to find files, no matter what device they are using. However, with the extras included in this plan, companies can access greater support and more information about their activities.

Key benefits
Key area functionality

If you are are smaller firm, you may be interested in Box Business Edition, which is designed for a minimum of three users. Or if you are a medium-sized business, you may wish to find out more about Box Enterprise Edition.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about the benefits of cloud file storage, or how Box or any of our other products could help your business run more smoothly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.