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Used by over 24,000 clients in +200 countries, NetSuite is suitable for growing companies as well as larger enterprises, and it is completely flexible and scalable. This means it will grow with you in terms of the number of users and functionality, making it future-proof.

NoBlue has +400 projects worldwide and is one of the few NetSuite 5 Star Partner. We are well placed to assess and support your ERP implementation project. 

An ERP built for your industry​

Future Proof ERP For Multiple Industries

Organisations today spend substantial time and effort striving to be competitive in a fast-moving digital world and ever-changing business environment. The versatile nature of NetSuite ERP + CRM software allows companies across different industries to implement solutions based on their business needs.

NetSuite offers solutions that can help your business run better with best practice business processes and intelligent technologies.

24,000 companies in +200 countries rely on NetSuite. Some of the more well-known customers include Fitbit, Billabong, Fujitsu, Asics, DocuSign, SoFi, The Boston Globe, Transavia… and many more across multiple industries.

Being flexible and scalable, NetSuite is suitable for all business sizes, from scale-ups to large enterprises. This means it will grow with you in terms of the number of users and the functionality, making it future-proof.

Paid for on a subscription basis, NetSuite’s pricing is predictable and manageable. There is no upfront investment in servers or related hardware, and therefore no maintenance to worry about or unforeseen future costs to the business.

Why Companies Choose NetSuite To Run Their Business

NetSuite was born in the age of the internet as a ‘true cloud‘ solution, built to cope with large numbers of users with no drop-off in performance, accessible anytime, anywhere from any device. It has been designed to be a perpetual business management solution, with all customers on the same version. It is upgraded twice a year to remain always up-to-date.

Benefits Of Using NetSuite

NetSuite supports accounting and finance, enterprise resource planning (ERP), sales and marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce and much more, giving business:

Major industries that use ERP include:

NetSuite for Professional Services

Ensure your projects/jobs are executed profitably while engaging customers and acquiring new business. No matter if you specialise in long-term, complex projects or short turnaround jobs, NetSuite PSA and OpenAir will support your success.

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NetSuite for Wholesale & Distribution​

In a highly competed environment, be it global or local, distributors face many of the same challenges, but also have unique needs for their individual markets. NetSuite allows you to implement a highly flexible and fully-functional distribution solution at a lower TCO.

NetSuite for Software, Digital & Hi-Tech

Software, internet and other high tech companies not only have to survive but boost growth in a constantly changing landscape. Integrated enterprise-class, SaaS metrics, Revenue Recognition, contract renewal, order processing, CRM, project management, accounting and BI work together to meet the business needs of high-tech.


NetSuite for Food & Beverages​

Alleviate the burden of production processing complexities in the food and beverage industry and ensure you have strong control of inventory traceability and tight management to ensure food quality.

NetSuite for Retail

Retail is rapidly transforming, and retailers must keep up to date if they want to be competitive. In a challenging market where customers look for seamless experiences and instant gratification, using an omnichannel retail and eCommerce software solution is a must.

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NetSuite for Fashion and Apparel

deliver outstanding customer experience, true omnichannel business solution from ecommerce and point of sale, to marketing, financials, inventory and order management.

NetSuite for Manufacturing

ERP and CRM working together to support all major business areas in most manufacturing modes. Flexible manufacturing planning and shop floor control processes adapt as you change and grow.

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We work closely with all of our clients to not only get a better understanding of their businesses needs but to create a bespoke solution, tailored to increase growth within key areas. We care about your success and continue to do so years after implementation, always on hand to offer additional support or training.

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