NetSuite Managed Services

We have particular expertise in developing bespoke serverless enterprise solutions for businesses. Designed to streamline operations, simplify processes, and boost growth, our NetSuite managed services will take you through implementation, integration, and development with ongoing consultation, training & support. 

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We work with you as your technology NetSuite partner to determine which IT solution will bring your business the greatest benefit. We take the time to fully understand how your business operates and how you are looking to grow so that we can provide NetSuite support that suits you now and for years down the line. 

NoBlue Professional NetSuite Managed Services offers global consulting and implementation support and managed professional services with local knowledge to help you succeed. With 20+ years of industry expertise, NoBlue Services for NetSuite help clients implement and customize NetSuite to their unique requirements, providing a platform from which they can dramatically improve and grow their business but also see an immediate return of investment. 

Global NetSuite Services Delivery

Over 110 clients in our portfolio, based all around the world with a strong presence in the UK, Europe, the US, and APAC -with Fern as our trusted partner- covering sectors such as retail, wholesale, IT  and technology, manufacturing, distribution, etc.


Our NetSuite Services Team

Our Professional Services in-house team consists of NetSuite consultants and project managers certified to give you NetSuite support. They also have extensive experience implementing NetSuite in many industries and verticals, including manufacturing, retail, services, softwarewholesale distribution and advertising and digital marketing, media and publishing. 

Our consulting team will apply their years of experience and best practices in the industry to help your company through implementation, customizations, workflows, integrations, and Planning and Budgeting. We will also help you with more tailor-made NetSuite solutions for your specific needs, to deal with complex transactions and processes.

What an ERP Implementation project takes – brief overview

1. Business Requirements

We will work hand-by-hand with your team to analyse and validate the processes and requirements as well as setting up an activity calendar based on system needs’ priorities. We make an unbiased analysis, which allows us know strengths and weaknesses at organization, processes, and technology levels. Our experts will make recommendations for your ERP implementation based on our experience, best practices in the industry and detected inefficiencies. 

2. System Configuration

It is the longest part of the process. It consumes around 70% of the total implantation time. At this moment the business system, processes and workflows are customized. This part of the process can include CRM, calls, customer care cases, orders, accountability, etc. 

3. First Migration

First migration with all YTD data.

4. User Acceptance Testing

Beta trial by user and modification based on requirements. In this moment not previewed needs might be detected and modifications can be done to optimize the tool.

5. Training PriorTo Go-Live

Users receive the necessary NetSuite training to use the tool and manage processes.

6. Migration & Go Live

Final operational data transfer and verification followed by setting the project live.

7. Hypercare

After Go-live any possible deviation or details are outlined and corrected by our team. Any issue found during the first period of the system in production is handled as a priority by the same consultancy team that has done the implementation.  

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