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Implementing NetSuite ERP, CRM & Shopify Connector

EcoHarmony selected NoBlue to implement NetSuite

ecoHarmony |

About The Client

Sustainable products are continually growing in popularity as consumers and businesses become more environmentally conscious about where they source their products. Founded in 2019, ecological product designer and retailer, ecoHarmony operates across the globe to deliver eco-friendly commodities.

EcoHarmony also operates an online shop offering an exciting range of cleverly designed ecological products that help save energy and reduce carbon footprint, created for environmentally conscious people and organisations. The company provides electric vehicle products and accessories created by Viridian EV, as well as supplying related products from other vendors.

The Challenge

The company had been using some legacy software inherited from its sister manufacturing company. This recycled solution covered Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Requirements Processing (MRP) but often didn’t fulfil the needs of the business. It was used for processing sales orders, purchase orders, and inventory control, and ecoHarmony was only utilising about 30-40% of the system.

With other systems in use, like Xero accounting software, some processes were being duplicated and data replicated in more than one application. 

In summary, technology couldn’t support its growth and had limited accessibility.

With key relationships accross the globe in Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, and New Zealand with emerging markets for trade, including Australia, Iceland, Denmark, Thailand, and countries across Eastern Europe, ecoHarmony required a solution that would support its continued growth and increase real time visibility, accessible from any location at any time.

In order to meet new demands of the business they required a complete business software solution from NetSuite including ERP, CRM and integration with Shopify.

To carry out the implementation ecoHarmony chose NoBlue to enable them to migrate to a unified system and provide them with the infrastructure to scale towards future goals cost-effectively.

Completion: October 2019

Project Solution

Continuing in its mission of working alongside Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) to consolidate their systems into a user-friendly, reliable system, NoBlue worked closely with ecoHarmony to create the perfect, tailored solution to meet its specific needs. The implementation provided support to system selection guidance in areas such as ERP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and eCommerce.

To support its growth plans, NoBlue helped ecoHarmony apply for a government grant to assist with funding for training and IT improvements following completion of the business’ customs declarations. NoBlue had the resources and competence needed to deliver an innovative and robust solution seamlessly that can continue to grow with ecoHarmony.

As a company, we quickly realised that we needed a solution that would better suit our needs. Our current solution didn’t offer the real-time access we needed, which hugely impacted our efficiency. NoBlue offered a simple, easy-to-use solution that has already increased our productivity and has been crucial in the operation of our business in recent months.” Jack Glover, Co-Founder and Director at ecoHarmony


NoBlue deployed NetSuite for ecoHarmony and integrated it with Shopify, which runs the website and captures the company’s mainly B2C orders. NoBlue met implementation deadlines as planned and on time to provide a seamless transition from existing systems to the new one.

NetSuite has proven to be the ideal fit for an agile, scalable and unified solution they were looking for. As a start-up, they were also reliant on manual processes of which this migration offered automated alternatives.

All the core and primary functionality were installed by 25th October 2019 and NoBlue provided the necessary system configuration, system migration and team training, as well as user training to aid the transition to a new system and make sure the solution was being used to its optimum level. The installation process went smoothly without any issues, and ecoHarmony has continued to experience no faults in the solution.

Since the deployment, ecoHarmony has been able to move away from its manual processes, freeing up precious time and IT infrastructure costs. ecoHarmony was able to complete all of its key business processes via one platform whilst enabling it to have access to real-time to scale far more easily. ecoHarmony has been able to schedule purchase orders and process orders more effectively whilst allowing it to continue working with a variety of multi-languages and multi-currencies.

The system met all the demands, including being easily accessible, which became crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic when staff had to work remotely. The new cloud-based system can be accessed anywhere, allowing the company to quickly adapt to situations that arise, which would not have been possible with the old system.

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