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NoBlue partner Lloyd and Barnes

A reimplementation of NetSuite to better fit their business.

Insurance Specialists, Lloyd & Barnes, required a reimplementation of NetSuite to better fit their business. With complicated contract arrangements and reporting required to meet exacting standards, we developed a range of custom processes in NetSuite to improve usability and automation.

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About The Client

Lloyd & Barnes are a direct insurance provider helping UK businesses and individuals find: Business, Sport and Personal Accident Cover. Having to manage a large customer base and growing contract list, Lloyd & Barnes needed a system ready to look after their customers.

NoBlue Case Study Lloyd & Barnes
Project Summary

Lloyd & Barnes had inherited a NetSuite system that wasn’t quite right for their needs and tasked us with the opportunity to provide an implementation ready to manage all their business processes.

Consultation and collaboration was a huge part of our ability to map the Insurance Application and Contract functions to the NetSuite system. With significant development, we were able to give Lloyd & Barnes the ability to input an Application and let the automated system look after the rest. Renewals and Commissions are calculated in the system, ready to be reported on and all revenue reliably accounted for.

We created Custom Roles and Menus to provide Lloyd & Barnes with an easy to navigate system, as well as a secure one. To ensure the system reached it’s full potential, both parties invested in substantial training and our team were able to produce accessible documentation to help down-the-line.

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