NoBlue Case Study – Brother Max

Case studies and success stories from companies who partnered with NoBlue to maximise their NetSuite experience.

NoBlue Case Study - Brother Max

Brother Max replaced SAP Business One with NetSuite for efficiency and growth.

“With NetSuite, we can see on a daily basis what our sales picture is with automated reporting – we could never have done that with our previous SAP system”

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Customer Success
  • NetSuite’s integrated cloud ERP solution has introduced new scalability and growth potential for the designer, manufacturer and retailer of care and feeding products for babies and toddlers.
  • Brother Max has improved process control, efficiency and visibility since moving from SAP Business One to NetSuite in May 2014.
  • Real-time data access and flexible reporting enables Brother Max to monitor the state of the business and adapt to changes.
  • Workflow-driven automation translates into new speed and simplicity across inventory and order management, distribution and purchasing through Asian manufacturers.
  • Multi-location inventory management enables precise, real-time views into stock of 40 SKUs at nine manufacturers in China, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) providers in China and the UK.
  • NetSuite’s multi-currency capabilities make it easy for Brother Max to transact and report in the U.S. dollar, Chinese renminbi and British pound.
  • Brother Max leverages NetSuite to help drive international distribution, with distributors in 18 countries including Australia, China, Indonesia and South Africa.
  • Company has streamlined transactions with about 30 UK retailers carrying its goods, including Boots, Tesco, Argo and Amazon, as well as specialty shops.
  • Brother Max uses NetSuite landed costing capabilities to account for the true cost of products, improving on the limited standard costing it used with SAP.
  • Decade-old on-premise SAP Business One application was too big for the company’s requirements, with inflexible reporting and poor support.
  • Brother Max personnel found it difficult to access information, generate detailed reports and manage key business processes.
  • Cost to update SAP Business One would have been more costly than a new NetSuite implementation.


  • NetSuite’s integrated cloud ERP solution could handle core business processes, with flexibility to incorporate new functionality or partner technology as needed.
  • In a next phase, Brother Max intends to integrate NetSuite order and inventory management to support its direct-to-consumer ecommerce website.
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