NetSuite Pricing

NetSuite Pricing Guide

NetSuite is a cloud-based software solution that allows you to bring together all of your key business processes such as your accounts, customer management, eCommerce, and stock management into one, easy to use piece of software.

As a NetSuite 5 Star Partner we are well positioned to help you decide which solution suits you best, assist you in the purchase process and implement and customise NetSuite.

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Priced on your specific requirements.

NetSuite is a flexible product tailored to your individual business needs which means that the price depends on your specific requirements. Subscription length, number of users, and company size play a crucial role in the building of the quote. The recurring user and module licensing costs are paid annually on a subscription basis, which means they are predictable, and you always know where you stand.

Save Time And Resources

By choosing NetSuite you eliminate the need for an in-house server and related hardware, which can be very costly to set up and maintain. This is all taken care of for you, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected costs cropping up.
In addition, with managed and automatic updates you can be confident that you are always on the latest version of the software, which means you can significantly save on time and resources trying to keep your solutions up to date.

NetSuite’s Pricing Is Simple And Predictable; Here’s How It Works:

NetSuite is Software as a Service, it runs on a subscription-based pricing model -such as Spotify or Netflix-, you pay for the ability to access and use its features. You pay annually on a subscription basis for your NetSuite user licenses and your NetSuite modules.
Because a contract is a minimum of one year, any price increase can only occur at the end of the term. NoBlue will work very closely with you over the whole year to ensure that any price increase is matched or exceeded by the value you derive from the system.
There are also contractual points that can be offered and discussed to give price certainty for many years. As with most contracts, the longer you commit, the better pricing and renewal security you will gain.
We are here to help if you are looking for NetSuite as your business software. Feel free to share with us any questions or concerns, ask for a free product tour or a quote.

NetSuite Pricing Tiers

There are 3 Tiers that determine the license you need, depending on the size of your company and/or the type of functionality you require. All NetSuite Editions are identical in terms of code base and deployment, so as your company grows you simply adjust your NetSuite subscription to meet your needs, without any need to make changes in the transition -all your customisation remains unchanged in the migration.

  • NetSuite Limited Edition.- for companies with a single legal entity and no more than 10 users and 50 employees.
  • NetSuite Mid-Market Edition.- for companies with two or more legal entities, who need to perform consolidation across multiple currencies and more than 10 administration users.
  • NetSuite Enterprise Edition.- Companies with multiple entities across the world and more than 1,000 users.
Your NetSuite User Licenses Cost

NetSuite differentiates two user types, depending on roles. For employees that need transacting in the system on daily basis you have Administration Users or full user license. An example of such can be Controller, Sales Managers, CTO or Customer Care to name a few. Access to the system is determined by job functions and the roles the company defines. For employees with limited tasks or functions, not required to use the system but to input daily time, for example, NetSuite has packs of Limited Users referred to as “Self-Service Users”.

Since the solution is tailored to your individual needs, roles may require extra functionality and customisation for the licenses. However, this will all be discussed and agreed before the project commences.

If you wish to add or reallocate users, then this can be done easily at any time. If you wish to remove users, then this can be done on the renewal date of your subscription.

For those who you would name as “read-only users” note that all data contained in NetSuite can be exported into Excel or 3rd party applications. Also, reports can be scheduled and distributed in Excel, CSV, PDF, or Word.

Your NetSuite Modules Cost

As mentioned above, the solution can be tailored to meet your specific needs with regards to functionality and customisation. Beyond the standard NetSuite ERP and CRM features, NetSuite offers vertical editions -or Industry Specific Suites– that include all add-ons and specific modules commonly used in your specific industry, but also may be licensed separately, so one price does not fit all.

The cost of NetSuite vertical editions and advanced modules vary depending on the edition type. Modules can be subscribed at any time of your NetSuite subscription term; however, removal can only be done at contract renewal period. As your trusted partner we will make sure you don’t over license. Let us help you configure and secure your NetSuite Licensing.

Other Costs To Consider

In addition to the prices mentioned above, you will pay your solution provider for the following:

Your NetSuite Implementation

Each customer is unique, so the cost of your NetSuite implementation will vary depending on your individual business requirements. We seek to provide you with a bespoke solution that meets your specific needs exactly, so professional services are quoted individually on a case-by-case basis. Prices are agreed before the project commences.

All our projects begin with an in-depth discovery meeting where we gather information regarding all your requirements, business functionality. We usually involve the implementation team from the very beginning, so you get familiar with them and they get to know your business, processes, and current tools to help identify potential gaps in the solution and find the specific solution to fill those gaps.

This phase is essential to ensure a successful NetSuite implementation, so be sure you are prepared with all your needs, process definitions, requirements and information that may be of help for the implementation team to understand the uniqueness of your business. Learn more about planning an ERP implementation, its challenges and how to avoid them. A missed requirement can drive to costly change requests and delays in timeline.

Please note: This implementation cost can be spread by paying monthly, meaning the upfront implementation costs are removed. Visit our NetSuite Financing page for further information.

Your NetSuite Customisation and Integration

Standard NetSuite functionality does not always cover your needs. With +20 years in IT consultancy and +10 as NetSuite only practice we have developed customised bundles to cover the extra mile, but also provide integration with 3rd party software you may need and made our “own Industry Suites” to enhance NetSuite offer.

Ongoing Support

All businesses are different and will require different levels of support before, during and after the implementation. NetSuite has Premium support available, and price is based on your software contract value -this comes in at a percentage of your annual subscription (some minimums apply). However, a common alternative is to hire ongoing support from your NetSuite Solution Provider, since it brings a more personalised attention and liaising with the same NetSuite implementation consultant that has done your configuration, meaning they have the whole context of your implementation, customisations made, integrations, etc so you can count on a reliable point of continuity.

Pay Monthly For Your NetSuite Costs

NoBlue has made it possible to provide financing options for your NetSuite implementation and product licenses. Our financial partners may be able to help, not only financing NetSuite licenses, but professional services too. By allowing customers to pay monthly, the upfront NetSuite costs are removed, making it a more manageable investment. Visit our NetSuite Financing page for further information.

Increase Your Business Efficiency with NoBlue

For more than 20 years, we have been working with clients in a variety of sectors to develop their tailored solutions and manage their NetSuite implementations. Whether your focus is on accountancy, customer service, sales, or stock levels, we can devise a solution to help run your business efficiently.

NoBlue is NetSuite 5 Star Partner. This recognition means we are well placed to get the best NetSuite implementation to fit your needs, but also make sure you get the best product at the best price.

Explore NetSuite Products

NetSuite is flexible and is adaptable to every industry. You can simply pick and choose various NetSuite products (such as CRM) for your business, or you can request that everything be bundled together. You will get a better NetSuite price if you purchase the entire suite, rather than just licensing one or two of NetSuite’s products.

Contact Us to Know if NetSuite is Right for You

Finding the right software and the right Solution Provider is not an easy task. If you are wondering if NetSuite can fit your needs, we highly encourage you to talk with a reputed 5 Star NetSuite Partner to understand your options. We can assist with your NetSuite ERP evaluation and license negotiation to meet your needs, budget, and timeline.