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NetSuite ERP Systems for Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite’s tailored ERP for Wholesale Distribution is a unified cloud-based business management software that connects the operations of the supply chain, CRM, retail channels, inventory, and other processes. It allows you to drive down inventory and free up capital, so you can develop new products and channels while growing profits. Specifically created for the wholesale distribution industry, it combines sales force automation, marketing, and customer service processes with inventory management. It also allows complete distribution lifecycle management and a holistic view of the customer. All your wholesale business operations are connected and managed through a single platform.

NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution Businesses

NetSuite wholesale distribution ERP system is the UK’s only cloud-based integrated business management solution specifically tailored to the needs of wholesale distributors, whether local or global.

Being a comprehensive business management solution, NetSuite’s wholesale distribution software has the functionality to help you fully manage your business within one system. It supports distribution in all industries, including electronics and high-tech, consumer packaged goods, fashion and apparel, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, health and beauty, industrial supply and more. With over 20 years’ experience in creating bespoke NetSuite solutions for all areas of industry, we have seen every scenario you can imagine, discussed it, developed a strategy for it and provided a solution for our customers. Having the knowledge and experience first-hand from an end-user point of view puts us in a unique position to help wholesale distributors gain the same advantage.

NetSuite’s ERP Software for Wholesale Distribution Edition includes:

  • CRM+ – End to end customer relationship management and integrated marketing automation, sales force automation (SFA), Lead Source Management, Quoting and Opportunity Management, Pipeline Management, Sales Forecasting, Marketing Automation, Customer Service and Support, Customer Dashboard.

Advanced Inventory Management – Supply and demand management, manage multiple business locations and operations

  • Demand-Based Inventory Replenishment, Manage Multiple Warehouses/Inventory Locations, Dynamic Reordering, Matrix Items, Landed Cost Calculations, Serialised Inventory, Lot Management, Bin and Put Away Management, Barcodes, Stocktake and cycle counting, Warranties, Pick, Pack and Ship, Freight Integrations.

Accounting and Financials – Complete accounting and financial management for your business

  • General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Financial Planning and Budgeting, Customer BillingOrder and Procurement Management, Supply Chain Management

Demand Planning – Supply and demand planning to provide procurement plans

  • Standard Safety Stock Levels, Forward and Backward Consumption Planning, Demand Planning Algorithms including Linear Regression, Moving Average, Seasonal Average and Sales Forecast. Advanced Supply PlanningAutomated Purchase Order Approval and Creation

NoBlue Tailored Solutions to Extend NetSuite Functionality

Although under the same label, wholesale distribution and B2B companies differ widely, and this is the reason why it’s particularly difficult to find an off-the-shelf distribution ERP software solution to face all business challenges. Our goal is to integrate the myriad of functions and applications that make up your wholesale distribution business within a single IT system, providing a 360 view of your company, and allowing you to better serve customers and make quicker and more effective decisions.

With over 15 NetSuite ERP warehouse distribution implementations completed as well as extensive internal expertise in this sector, NoBlue is your ideal partner to update your distribution software. Whether your focus is on inventory management and back-to-back ordering or improving your customer experience on and offline, we provide tailored solutions to get the most out of your particular business.

Our team of in-house 5* certified NetSuite consultants and developers can help you tailor the system to your specific business needs. Whether you need a standard distribution software integration or need us to develop something specifically for you to go beyond what’s available from NetSuite we can help. 

Increase Your Wholesale Business’s Efficiency With NoBlue

Being one of the UK’s leading NetSuite partners, with extensive experience transforming ERP systems for wholesale distribution companies makes NoBlue the ideal partner for a successful implementation.

We work closely with all of our clients to not only get a better understanding of their business needs but also to create a bespoke enterprise resource planning solution, tailored to increase growth within key business areas. We care about your success and continue to do so years after implementation, always on hand to offer additional support or training for your system.

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NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution Features

Empower Your Business

NetSuite ERP for distribution businesses is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning software solution that allows you to bring together all of your key business processes such as your accounts, customer management, e-Commerce and stock management into one, easy to use piece of software.

Customise and Expand NetSuite

Advanced customisation with modular tools allow you to tailor business practices and processes to meet your specific company and industry requirements.

NetSuite Datasheets

If you’re wanting to learn more about NetSuite and it’s products, the datasheets below provide a perfect starting point for all.

UK leading solution provider for Wholesale & Distribution enterprises.

If you’re looking for an industryleading cloud ERP business management system with powerful business intelligence to gather real-time insights and meet your warehouse & distribution management needs, NetSuite is the solution you require. For 21 years we have been helping warehouse and distribution customers from all industries to take control of their operations, business processes and growth with NetSuite. See what a difference the right warehouse distribution partner can make!