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Implementing NetSuite ERP + CRM.

In 2017 Mad Collective selected NoBlue to implement NetSuite ERP + CRM and unify all their key processes and operations in one system, allowing them to move away from using Quickbooks for financial and project management, reducing errors and saving time and resources.

Mad Collective |
About The Client

Mad Collective is a digital entertainment and digital marketing company with more than 20 subsidiaries, and a presence that spans multiple countries and markets. they contacted Noblue when their company outgrew their previous solution.

Since 2002, Mad Collective’s team of techies have brought the the latest innovations and technologies to their clients.

Project Challenges

Mad Collective were previously using QuickBooks, however, the system did not have the functionality for their operational needs and growth expectations. The client was looking for a powerful and flexible solution to manage the company’s finances as they expanded their operations.

With subsidiaries in the USA, Spain and more, with more than 7,000 monthly transactions, they needed a reliable and capable system.

To carry out the implementation, Mad Collective chose NoBlue to help them migrate to a unified system and provide them with the infrastructure needed to scale toward their future goals in a cost-effective manner.

“NoBlue’s service is very good and they are able to solve problems in a short time. They have contributed to the company creating a reliable and detailed accounting environment”

Arrate Sáez – Finance Manager Mad Collective

Project Solution

Among the alternatives considered was SAP, but they opted for NetSuite, as it offered less complexity for implementation and use.

“It was a complex implementation where different problems arose, many of which were solved when the Lead Consultant in charge of the project changed, since he has good expertise and good abilities to understand our business model”

Arrate Sáez – Finance Manager Mad Collective

One year after the implementation of the finance module, the CRM and project management had to be fully customised to meet the requirements of Mad Collective’s complex internal processes.

Mad Collective uses NetSuite daily for project and financial management.

“As the main advantage of NetSuite and NoBlue, I would highlight their flexibility and cost savings. We had outsourced the transmission of the SII and now we can do it directly.”

Arrate Sáez – Finance Manager Mad Collective


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