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NoBlue Partner Leisure Outlet

Implementing NetSuite ERP as a backend system.

Leisure Outlet implemented NetSuite ERP in 2012 with NoBlue and have been client since then. In 2015 wanted assistance to choose a web provider to develop best in class site
that could integrate with NetSuite.

Leisure Outlet | leisureoutlet.com
About The Client

LeisureOutlet is part of the Holcros Ltd, privately owned and managed. Their business expertise and knowledge of the Leisure Industry helps them offer a wide range of high-quality leisure products at great value prices. They sell directly through their websites, Amazon and Ebay. Offer includes Camping and Outdoor equipment, gadgets and furniture; Awnings; Tents; Caravanning; Motorhomes; Outdoor Activities Equipment; Car Accessories and much more.

Project Challenges

LeisureOutlet was a small business when they started their relationship with NoBlue in 2012 to implement NetSuite ERP as their backend system.

In 2015, as the business grew, LeisureOutlet.com was looking to add more functionality and have a best in class site without losing integration with NetSuite ERP.

Their goal was to have best in class site integrated with NetSuite ERP, giving functionalities to the site that only that only a handful of their direct competitors benefit from.

NoBlue Case Study Leisure Outlet
Project Solution

They contacted NoBlue, with whom they had continued relation for support during these years, to assist them in finding a web provider that could integrate with NetSuite.

NoBlue helped in the process of selecting web provider and the subsequent set up for NetSuite to take stock levels from suppliers, so delivery timescales and availability are updated in the site using both shelf and supplier stock information. Very few businesses for the type and size of Leisureoutlet.com are capable of this integration with suppliers.

“NoBlue hand-held us through the process, and even attended initial meetings to make sure everything run smoothly” – Mark Crosby. Owner/Managing Director

Main NetSuite ERP capabilities LeisureOutlet.com is using are

But as they grow they keep adding areas and processes. Next step will be warehouse management. So far, the major benefits they could point out for using NetSuite ERP as their backend is the significantly improved control and efficiency in the operational management of the business.

“It is the relation with NoBlue what keeps us working with them. They are always there when needed. BlackFriday’16 was launch date for the new website, but wasn’t working properly, not appearing in Google… all the NoBlue team stopped everything else they were doing and sorted the problem. In fact, we had the best Black Friday ever. It was NoBlue’s drive and willingness to roll sleeves what made it happen.”

Mark Crosby – Owner/Managing Director

Completion: November 2016

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