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Tools to support ongoing growth.

Vivid is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of laminating systems. They are ISO 14001
registered, their practices and procedures comply with environmental legislation to reduce the risk of
environmental damage or harm.

Banner shows that Vivid Laminating Technologies has been awarded supplier in 2016.
A photo of a few Vivid. machines presented on the expo.

Vivid needs a tool able to support their ongoing growth. In the requirement of reducing time in managing processes, Marketing and Sales automation was a must. In order to deliver first class service to clients they were looking to improve the supply chain processes and a system to better manage customer relations throughout their lifecycle. And last, but not least, to optimise pricing strategy they needed to have better visibility of profitability and margins.


The project includes ERP, Advanced Inventory, CRM, Case Management, Marketing and Sales Automation amongst others.

Project to complete: September 2017

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