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Eliminate bottlenecks, prevent costly errors, establish a smooth flow from sales quotes to order fulfilment and consistently ensure high customer satisfaction with our help.

Order management software helps to improve quote accuracy, eliminate billing errors, strengthen revenue recognition processes, drive fulfilment accuracy and efficiency and so much more.
The NetSuite order management system available through NoBlue provides one platform for everything you need. You can manage your inventory levels, customer orders and the entire fulfilment process all the way to payment processing, restocking and post-purchase customer support.
The order management system (OMS) we provide through NetSuite is one of the best order management systems in our experience for creating a holistic process for multiple channels, departments and locations.

Benefits Order Management powered by NetSuite

We’ve already mentioned some amazing benefits of incorporating or upgrading to a new order management system. But here are some of the advantages the businesses we have helped over the last twenty years have mentioned were particularly useful:

Improved Cashflow

NetSuite can assist with the order to cash, also known as OTC or O2C. This is the process of overseeing the entire sales cycle from the item being ordered by a customer to payment being received.

NetSuite takes this one step further, monitoring inventory and restocking levels, automatically notifying the relevant person when items are low in stock and even helping with warehouse management – letting your team know at the push of a button precisely where your items are located and which of your warehouse fulfilment centres is best positioned to send out the item.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Speaking of shipping, the software can help lower shipping costs. By selecting from the fulfilment houses that are closest to the customer’s home, and warehouses that already have the item in stock, you can lower costs that add up to considerable savings.

Increased On-Time Delivery

Today, consumers want almost instant access to the products they order. Businesses are under mounting pressure to not only get the order to their customers’ doorstep but to get it there within incredibly tight timeframes.

The software we provide gives full delivery visibility using sophisticated rules that select the best warehouse (if your company relies on multiple warehouses) to ship from, create workflows and assign them to team members that have capacity and flag when issues that will slow down delivery need to be resolved.

The order management system also covers the supply chain, so your team will have full visibility right up until the courier hands the product over to its new owner.

Better Customer Relationship Management

It costs considerably less to keep a loyal customer than it does to find new shoppers. Not only is NetSuite an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, but it also incorporates customer relationship management (CRM) software into the platform too.

Once you’ve provided an initial seamless customer experience, your marketing team can use historic information to create marketing campaigns that increase the chances of another order being placed with you.

NetSuite Order Management Key Features

At NoBlue, we have spent the last twenty years and longer helping brands build tailored order management software from NetSuite. Because it is a fully customisable solution, we can ensure your team has precisely what they need without bulking out the system with features they won’t use.

Here are some of the order management features you can incorporate into your platform:

Why Choose NoBlue As Your Order Management Software Solutions Provider?

We truly believe that NetSuite is the top order management software, based on more than twenty years of industry experience. That is why we only implement NetSuite solutions, providing only the best for our valued customers.

We can work within any sector, but we specialise in:

Whether you’re upgrading your current order management system or investing in a system for the first time, we will take the time to understand how your business works and help you build a solution that works for you and your team.

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Companies We've Already Helped Upgrade Their Order Management System

Below are some examples of brands we have helped over the years:


Eco Harmony

Eco Harmony inherited an ERP system but only used around 30-40% of the solution’s functionality. The remaining 60-70% was wasted. With international strategies planned, we helped migrate their old system into a NetSuite solution that worked for them.

The software integrated with their Shopify platform, allowing them to manage their B2B orders effectively. Read More.


Sandpiper needed a whole range of systems to function smoothly. With NetSuite, we helped them merge their order management, inventory management, finance and account management and more into one central system. Read More.

Leisure Outlet

We helped Leisure Outlet back in 2012, and once we had implemented their chosen solution, we stayed in touch to ensure they had everything they needed from their new system.

As the business grew, it needed to find a new web provider that could easily integrate with its current NetSuite set-up.

We worked with them to find the right provider, using our knowledge of the system and the brand to ensure the new platform wouldn’t disrupt inventory visibility, order management, CRM and financial management.  Read More.

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