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No two business are equal. Specific industries and business sectors require specific solutions. To meet your needs, we have partnered some of the best cloud-based, NetSuite’s integrated technology. All products work on any browser-enabled, internet-connected device, regardless of the operating system or device you use. The result is a completely scalable package that meets all your requirements.

SuiteApp for teams running accounts payable.

The perfect tool for teams running accounts payable.  A native accounts payable automation tool that adds OCR functionality and much more to your NetSuite system.

Utilise world-leading, intelligent OCR technology to automatically scan and capture vendor bills and credits in NetSuite.  No need for manual entry, and no new interface to navigate, making for painless purchase to pay.

With ZoneCapture you automatically create vendor bills and credits in real-time using intelligent OCR without leaving NetSuite. No manual entry needed

What do you get from ZoneCapture?

  • ZoneCapture can reduce manual entry by up to 83%, saving time and reducing errors.
  • It is all managed natively in NetSuite so there is no need to learn a new interface.
  • You can see everything in one place with a unique split-screen view.
    Plus you will receive automated three-way matching.
  • The user interface is available in 6 languages. OCR support for over 200 languages.
  • Scalable for your business, works with customers using 50 bills a month and for those using 50k a month.

Moving to intelligent accounts payable

By moving to ZoneCapture you get a native SuiteApp, so there is no need to leave your NetSuite screen. With the three-way matching you get with ZoneCapture you have a built-in automatic traffic light system to confirm full match, partial match, or mismatch with the original PO. You can also utilise a split screen view to view the original document and the associated transaction record simultaneously. ZoneCapture learns from you, so it can remember custom fields on a PDF for future invoices with the click of a button to prevent unnecessary errors.

How does it work?

Contact us today for pricing information and/or a demonstration of just how easy it is to use.

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