ERP Software Solutions

ERP Software solutions

NoBlue is one of only 23 5-Star NetSuite Partners across the globe. With 21+ years of expertise, we are fully focused on providing you with the right tools to support you in achieving your business goals. We specialise in NetSuite ERP implementations, working with clients from all areas of industry.

Oracle NetSuite is the World’s #1 True Cloud ERP solution it is one unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM, and eCommerce. Trusted by more than 26,000 customers, worldwide, it’s a solution that works. Our in-house team of certified ERP consultants will work closely with you to support your digital transformation to cloud technology, whatever your industry and whatever the size of your business.
business management software solution. 

What is an ERP System?

Enterprise resource planning software (or ERP software for short) is the ideal business management software, enabling you to control all of your business processes in one place. It encompasses all business functions and acts as a single, unified solution, thereby removing the need for separate systems and relying on spreadsheets to keep your vital business information safe.

Find out more about what ERP systems are and what they do in our “What Is ERP?” guide.

ERP System Features

As it is an all-encompassing solution, ERP software comes equipped with all the features you need to maintain and improve business operations.

Here’s what you can expect from an ERP software solution, such as NetSuite ERP:

  • Sales order processing (SOP) – from quotes through to invoicing
  • Purchase order processing (POP)
  • Accounts management – full accounting software and tools, covering sales, purchase, nominal ledgers, payment management
  • Stock control – including shipping and order fulfilment
  • Quick and easy reporting & KPIs
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Website integration (e-commerce and forms)

Additionally, by choosing a true cloud based ERP system you receive:

  • No hardware or server costs
  • No downtime, server maintenance or costly upgrades
  • Access to your data anywhere, on any device, at any time


NetSuite ERP

Tailored Enterprise Resource Planning Systems for Your Business

With NoBlue, your ERP solution will be completely tailored to your business. We offer a range of industry specific solutions to support all your core business functions, whatever the size of your organisation. From warehouse management to retail and manufacturing, we find the right ERP solution for you.

Custom ERP Software Development

We understand that not everything will be as you need it out of the box so we have an expert development team to make any modifications and enhancements you need. Our developers will tailor your new ERP system to meet your specific business requirements, ensuring you get the best enterprise resource planning solution for you. We’ll transfer your business data and modify the system to provide you with a seamless transition to your perfect software.

Bespoke Cloud ERP System Implementation

From project inception through to successful NetSuite implementation, our approach is to work hand-in-hand with you, as your technology partner. We aim to provide you with a perfect cloud ERP platform that addresses 100% of your needs and requirements, to improve business processes and streamline operations.

What we provide:

  • Preparation for implementation
  • System configuration
  • Testing NetSuite
  • Training and support


Expert ERP Solution Consultants

Our team of consultants can help businesses considering a NetSuite implementation as well as those already using the cloud-based business management system. Our in-house team is recognised to the standards of “NetSuite Certified ERP Consultant”.

At NoBlue we have been giving IT consultancy advice for more than 20 years but since 2010, we have focused exclusively on NetSuite-based solutions. We have successfully carried out hundreds of projects for companies throughout the world. We are able to provide local and international teams to work with you.

Our consulting services start from the sales process and continue for the lifetime of your system to ensure you get an ERP system that meets your needs and keeps up with the changes in your business.

ERP Systems Integration

We understand that no two businesses are the same, which means that no off-the-shelf system can truly meet all of your requirements, and so there comes the need for development and customisation, which often involves integrating NetSuite with other software. This may be software that you already have in place, or it may be something you have identified a need for.

We can develop flexible software solutions depending on your business needs, either by integrating with your existing software, or by using other cloud-based products.

Some examples of who we integrate with include Box, DocuSign, InfinetCloud, Adra, Synety CloudCall Click, Valogix, WAERlinx, Zuus WorkForce, Valitor, Tipalti, & DSI®.

Tailored ERP System Training

When we implement an ERP solution, we ensure that you are comfortable using it, offering different training packages to suit your requirements. We can offer as much (or as little) training as you require. This can range from training on specific functions (such as accounts, sales or stock management) or business processes, to full training including providing you with an admin, where we ‘train the trainer’ enabling you to be self-sufficient.

We offer both on-site and remote training, with an option to train at our head office if required.

Expert Project Management

Our Project Management team will provide you with a detailed implementation ensuring that the transition to NetSuite ERP is as smooth and pain-free as possible.

Support When You Need It

With a highly trained support team available for when you need it, if you ever have any questions regarding your ERP software once it has been implemented, our Support Team will be there for you.

Full NetSuite ERP integration

As a 5-star certified NetSuite software solutions provider, we will ensure that your NetSuite ERP system integrates all of your organisation’s departments, divisions, lines of business and geographical locations into a unified, enterprise-wide information system. You’ll have a comprehensive view of your accounts, linked to customer information, sales pipelines, supply chain and marketing. And because it’s a cloud-based ERP system, you can access up-to-date information anywhere, anytime and from any device.


“We have found staff at all levels to be friendly, extremely helpful, accommodating and their response times to be excellent, with problem solving quick and efficient. Overall we’re delighted with the services NoBlue offered.”


John Akings
Technical Director - Highlanderuk


“We presented NoBlue with a seemingly impossible task of enabling our accounts team and payroll in under a month. Needless to say this was delivered on-time and we are now continuing to push forward with implementing NetSuite ERP.”


Carl Mason
IT Director - BillSaveUK


“NoBlue was able to provide a flexible and knowledgeable team that helped us get up & running as quickly as possible... the most effective partner to address our needs within the tight timeframes.”


Mark Haberland
Managing Director - Clariba

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NoBlue is your technology partner for the future.

We work with you as your NetSuite partner to determine which IT solution will bring your business the greatest benefit. We take the time to fully understand how your business operates and how you are looking to grow so that we can provide NetSuite support which suites you now and for years down the line.  

NoBlue Professional NetSuite Managed Services offers global consulting and implementation support and managed professional services with local knowledge to help youcompany succeed. With 20+ years industry expertise, NoBlue’s NetSuite experts help clients implement and customize NetSuite to their unique requirements, providing a platform from which they can not only dramatically improve and grow their businesses, but also see an immediate return on investment.  

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