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Guest Blog: Valitor – Putting payment at the heart of cutting-edge customer experience

Prioritising customer experience and building relationships via an omni-channel strategy is crucial for merchants and businesses in today’s competitive landscape.  Andrew Howell, Head of Marketing at Valitor tells us more.  Consumer expectations around the shopping experience are at an all-time high. When coupled with the astronomical growth of “mobile” and “social” in what is now…

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Modernise The Traditional Retail Chain

The retail landscape in the United Kingdom is currently looking rather bleak with huge chains such as Debenhams and House of Fraser forced to close stores and giants like Toys R Us and BHS going into Administration. It’s estimated over 6,500 shops are to close this year alone, with fashion retailers, shoe shops, travel agents…

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Fake Omnichannel is Everywhere: A Case Study

Retailers have it tough as they strive to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience across all customer touchpoints. Their jobs are made even more difficult by the abundance of commerce-related software solutions masquerading as omnichannel. These fake omnichannel solutions, or “fomni”, promise but fail to deliver the shopping experience that shoppers expect. Fomni cobbles together point…

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