Promoting Kindness in Business: 8 Steps to Building a Kinder Workplace

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all direction, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

– Amelia Earhart

When you think of a successful business the first thing that comes to mind is dominating the market and turning over a profit. But while this can be true to an extent, one important aspect can be forgotten: being kind as a company matters just as much.

The idea of being a kinder business is known to some but not fully understood. However, today it is accepted that the most successful businesses are also the friendliest ones because they attract better employees and customers alike.

More and more businesses are understanding that in order to succeed you need a kinder way of doing things. It is time for us, as an industry, to put the bad habits of days gone by behind us and look eagerly towards our future with kindness at its core.

Be Kind, Be Successful 

In business, it pays to be kind. Being kind is a great way to earn loyalty. With the rise of social media, consumers are more vocal about their dissatisfaction. As a result, companies who behave in ways that demonstrate care for other people will experience increased loyalty from customers and employees alike.

But how can your business be kinder going forward? In our infographic and article below, we outline some ways that businesses can incorporate a kinder business environment. 

How to Create a Kinder Business Environment infographic

The 8 Steps To Create a Kinder Workplace

Here are some ways you can encourage a kinder environment in your workplace: 

1. Define your culture 

When establishing the culture you want at your business, ask yourself what you stand for and what expectations to set with your team. If these questions are unclear then this can lead to ambiguity and uncertainty within a company’s vision. Make sure that everyone understands where they fit in so production isn’t impeded by confusion of goals or direction, and this will enable successful industry progression over time.

2. Share kindness from the top down 

Do you want your business to be the “nice company” that people root for? If so, it’s time to adopt a culture based on respect and kindness. Reward those who demonstrate these traits in the workplace – they will encourage more kind behaviours as well! One way of doing this is by rewarding self-management rather than micro-managing employees. Set goals together with your team members and let them achieve in their own ways. 

3. Hire smarter 

Hiring a team member is an important and lengthy process. You should consider removing bias from the hiring process or conducting blind interviews so you can hire someone who will be both technically proficient as well as able to fit within your company’s culture.

4. Increase diversity and inclusion 

The lack of diversity in businesses has led to a lot of problems that are present today. The overwhelming prevalence of those who are white, male and wealthy at the top has established business practices that perpetuate this problem. Diverse businesses are more likely to have a positive company culture.

5. Be a community leader 

Your business should be actively engaged with your local area because it’s an asset just like any other part of running a successful company. A lot of the time businesses can be solely focused on being global, and they neglect their local area. Show customers that you are a force for good in your community by supporting local charities, initiatives and events. Take pride in your local community. 

6. Celebrate your team 

When your employees face adversity in their professional and personal lives, be there for them. You should support your employees when they need it the most, both in their professional lives as well as personal lives. Celebrate all of your employees’ achievements and milestones with attentiveness, kindness and even gifts! It won’t go unnoticed. 

7. Be more green

Employees want to work for companies that show a genuine interest in caring about the environment and making sustainable practices part of their business. Businesses should be proactive in thinking long-term when it comes to environmental issues, rather than focusing on what’s popular at this moment or jumping onto every green bandwagon out there just because it’s trendy right now.

8. Care about the little things 

Boost morale and positivity by encouraging small acts of kindness, such as making someone else a coffee. Encourage workplace digital high fives and recognition to boost your colleagues’ spirits. To be more mindful at work, simply listen more attentively when they speak so that you can understand them better than ever before!

5 Benefits of a Kinder Workspace

It seems obvious that creating a kinder workspace environment has benefits to both employee satisfaction and overall workplace culture, however what really is in it for businesses? Let’s take a closer look:

Creates a happier, more productive, workforce 

A workforce is a company’s most valuable asset. Making employees feel valued and happy makes them more productive, creative, and innovative with their work which ultimately drives business results for the better of your organization as well as every single individual working under it!

Improves employee retention and recruitment

People want to work for companies that make them feel valued. A job role may get them through the door but a work environment keeps them. If your business is lacking in this area, you may have trouble recruiting and retaining employees. A poor working environment can contribute to low retention rates so consider revamping the atmosphere of your company if it seems like people are coming and going often. 

Builds trust and improves communication

Having an open and friendly work environment creates a welcoming space for people to communicate, collaborate on ideas with others, innovate new projects and feel comfortable contributing their thoughts. Trust between managers and workers is built through better communication which leads to happier clients, improved work quality, and more innovation opportunities.

Drives higher client satisfaction 

A kinder workplace leads to better quality of work which is music to your clients’ ears. It’s no secret that kindness breeds more kindness. When clients interact with a kind person, they won’t just like you more but also remember your business and return for repeat business. 

Improves wellbeing 

No one wants to work in an unhappy workplace. Feeling unappreciated or undervalued can be detrimental to your mental health and happiness level when you go into work every day. With this in mind we should all take more active steps in creating a happier place where people treat each other well rather than spreading negativity. When you advocate for kindness and respect throughout different workplaces, it helps people avoid unhappiness which leads to good mental health habits overall!

Kindness is Key 

Kindness is a crucial aspect of professional life, but its importance often goes unacknowledged. Although it’s assumed that everyone should be kind in the workplace, this isn’t always the case. In stressful situations and when clashing personalities are present at work, kindness can become difficult to think about. Having a positive office environment has many benefits though; from employees being less stressed because they feel cared for by their colleagues to improved relationships with clients. By implementing a kinder working environment in your workplace, you too will see the success it brings. 

At NoBlue, we always aim to treat our employees and customers with respect and kindness. One way you can do this is by providing your employees with the right technology to support their work, such as NetSuite ERP. Why not get in touch with us and see what we (and NetSuite) can do for you.


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