CRM for Start Ups

NetSuite CRM for Start Ups

Staged Spaces chose NoBlue to implement NetSuite CRM for them. 

Staged Spaces is based in the East Midlands. They provide Expert Property Styling, Home Staging and Virtual Staging. They help customers prepare their home to look its best, helping potential buyers visualise your home as their own, and thus increasing their willingness to make an offer, enabling you to sell your property faster for the best price.

Here, they explain why – in their own words.

At Staged Spaces, we all come from a variety of businesses and industries, so we know what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to choosing the right software for our business.

Our experience has taught us that we need a system with the right functionality, regardless of the size of our business. Whether we have one or 1,000 customers, all businesses need the same level of visibility and management. And we need a system that can grow with us. Although we are small now, we expect significant growth in the short to mid-term. So, we want an application with functionality that will develop as we scale up. Also, it almost goes without saying, but we need cloud-based software so that we can access it anywhere, from any device. Cloud software also updates automatically and without extra costs and we don’t need to spend large amounts on servers or IT maintenance.

Our essential requirements of the system were that it should:

  • Enable us to build trusting and long-lasting relationships with clients;
  • Enable us to deliver an enhanced level of customer service that would help us outperform our competitors;
  • Give us more control of communications with our prospects and customers, plus greater insight into the status and results of our campaigns;
  • Create and control business processes in the company;
  • Allow us to rank amongst the best in our industry for customer satisfaction, and last but not least,
  • Help us to retain customers and ensure their ongoing business.

Additionally, we were looking for:

  • A system with intuitive user interfaces (UIs) and workflows;
  • A system with a simple and meaningful user experience (UX);
  • A system that would store and update all our valuable customer information and allow us visibility into the full history of interactions, including quotes, sales orders, invoices, ageing of debt, plus marketing impacts, response data, and so on.
  • The ability to track Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and identify and profile the best markets we should be targeting with our marketing activities;
  • The ability to segment and report on various customer and product metrics to establish where we are performing well.
  • A system we could use as a marketing database, which would also track campaign return on investment (ROI); and
  • An application that was easy to learn and needed minimal training, so new users could start working on the system right away.

We did our homework, making an initial internet search. That delivered hundreds of possibilities – most of which were later discarded during our screening process. To cut a long story short, we ended up with three possible matches, from which we ultimately chose NetSuite, to be implemented by NoBlue. We could go into all the reasons why we made these choices, but in the end, it came down to the fact that they each met all our requests and eliminated any complexity.

NetSuite was one of the highest-ranked software systems as recommended by Software Advice. Some of the comments that led to us shortlisting it were references from other customers we knew, but there were also web reviews, such as:

“I enjoy how all of the systems work together in a uniform and congruent way.”

“Although we did not use this system past its initial free trial, it seemed fairly easy to use. Especially for new-comers to CRM systems.”

“NetSuite’s dashboards are so amazing that it is addictive. The ability to customize searches and reports is very simple.”

Even some of the seeming drawbacks helped us to make our decision: “Individual license costs can get expensive. Although well worth the cost you will want to make sure you have a way to manage your end-user licenses.”

HubSpot ranked better than NetSuite but had some downsides we didn’t like, such as the hosted blog. If we ever wanted to migrate to another system, we would lose everything and although it is friendly and easy to understand, it requires expertise in sales management and knowledge of interpreting statistics, whereas NetSuite is straightforward and really intuitive. With NetSuite, there is no need for any interpretation of figures and stats; it shows exactly what you want to see.

Once we had decided on the software, we needed a partner to implement it. We contacted several companies and NoBlue was by far the most responsive and the one that showed the best level of expertise, know-how and professionalism. They contacted us within hours of our first online request and organised a meeting within the week so they could understand our requirements. They were also very willing to give us a quick overview of the system, – specifically tailored to our business needs – and were able to do this just from the information they had gathered researching our company on the internet. We prepared a list of questions for the meeting, but they were all answered without us needing to raise them.

Do you need a CRM software? Are you ready for a move to the cloud and want to evaluate and buy CRM software? If you’d like to discuss upgrading to NetSuite, we can have you up and running with a successful remote CRM project really quickly. Book an appointment or contact us for more information and for a senior CRM project analyst to provide you with a free business consultation.

Photograph courtesy of Staged Spaces.