Infographic: Guide to ERP Presales

ERP presales can be a lengthy and complicated process involving multiple meetings with various departments and stakeholders from the business.

Here’s what to expect from NoBlue’s ERP presales process:


Businesses like assurance before signing large ERP contracts; here is NoBlue's ERP presales process.


ERP presales start with the business becoming interested in ERP and contacting the ERP provider.


Initial ERP presales meetings involve discussion of the ideal ERP, implementation goals, scope, and budget.


Early in ERP presales, the ERP provider will demonstrate a test ERP system.


Further discussions, throughout the ERP presales process are meetings and demonstrations with key people from the business.


Presales conclude when an ERP implementation that fits the business has been created, and a contract is offered.



NoBlue has provided ERP solutions since 2000, has been a NetSuite partner since 2011 and was awarded Oracle NetSuite EMEA Partner o f the Year in 2022.

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