New NetSuite Update: NetSuite Enhances Analytics Warehouse to Help UK Organisations Harness the Power of Their Data

At the latest SuiteConnect, NetSuite spoke about some new enhancements for the Analytics Warehouse, aimed at the UK NetSuite user base.

They went into detail on these specific enhancements:

  • Quickly Gain Insights: An expanded collection of standard NetSuite transaction types – including new data sets in areas such as sales, inventory, financials, purchases, and support management – is now automatically accessible and refreshed to help improve the time to generate broader business insights. For example, the new Cross Charge Journal data set helps finance teams track cross charges between subsidiaries, while the Inventory Status Change data sets help manufacturers track item availability and work order details.
  • Leverage More Third-Party Data: Integrations with over 40 popular third-party data sources are available, including applications such as Salesforce, Shopify, and Google Analytics, to help simplify data blends and enable more robust analytics. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse also now provides a REST-based interface for importing data from other active data sources, such as custom applications, which helps customers gain a single source of truth and deep, multidimensional insights into business operations.
  • Access Industry-Specific Visualisations: An expanded and enhanced collection of prebuilt visualisations deliver industry-specific insights for services, software, and manufacturing, in addition to existing content for retail, wholesale distribution, and subscription-based businesses. Prebuilt KPIs, charts, and graphs accelerate the generation of insights for customers interested in analytics that are specific to their industry. For example, new data visualisations for services businesses help closely track project hours and timesheets, as well as support and case incidences, while new manufacturing visualisations help customers monitor assembly build and work order activity.
  • Simplify Data Management: A new Custom Attribute Mapping Editor simplifies the transfer of custom data. It enables users to select custom data to flow into NetSuite Analytics Warehouse and identify its placement in a specific data domain such as finance, purchasing, inventory, or sales.

If you want to read more about these recent NetSuite enhancements, check out the original post here.

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