From Chaos to Cohesion: Simplify Your Business with an All-in-One ERP Solution from NetSuite

From Chaos to Cohesion Simplify Your Business with an All-in-One ERP Solution from NetSuite

It takes commitment and effort to manage a successful business. You work non-stop, continually tackling problems and seeking out opportunities that will drive and grow your company.

The last thing you need is complexity. Lengthy processes, unwieldy procedures and difficulty getting the information you need to make quick decisions all add up to chaos and confusion. You need to simplify your businesses. And you can do that by using an ERP solution like NetSuite. Here’s how.

What Does it Mean to Simplify Your Business?

Business simplification is all about changing your processes to make things less complex. You make business easier when you reduce the number of processes you have and eliminate any redundancy within them. By automating and streamlining how you operate, you save time and reduce errors. Everything runs more smoothly and more simply.

An ERP system like NetSuite removes the complexity as it runs on a single platform, automates your processes and simplifies your decision-making.

Run Your Entire Business from a Single Platform

NetSuite is a unified system that provides a single platform on which you can run your entire business. It integrates processes for financial management, accounting, operations, marketing, sales, CRM, HR and more.

Using NetSuite simplifies your IT stack. There’s no need to use lots of different software systems, nor do you have to create complex integrations for them to all work together. Your IT team does not need to manage lots of service level agreements with multiple vendors and you don’t have to pay for or maintain several solutions.

NetSuite also unifies all your data. With everything consolidated in a single, central database, there’s less redundancy and greater accuracy. Your staff won’t have to consult multiple systems or spreadsheets to find the information they need.

With everyone using the same data, your operations are simplified and productivity is enhanced. If someone in sales updates a customer’s details, the warehouse will have the correct delivery address for orders and accounts will have the right contact details for invoicing.

This also improves cohesion. Greater connection is possible as a result of the improved collaboration and communication that NetSuite brings. Without data siloes, you have better cross-functional working. NetSuite makes it simple for your employees to work on the same document and share the same data. Projects run more smoothly and more transparently, avoiding the delays and miscommunications that can happen with the use of disparate systems.

Automation Simplifies and Streamlines Your Processes

ERP automates and integrates your business processes – for all your business departments, such as finance and accounting, sales and marketing, HR and operations.

Your staff are freed from laborious manual tasks, such as rekeying data into separate systems or pulling figures from lots of different spreadsheets. With NetSuite, automation simplifies your workflows. Mistakes are reduced and bottlenecks are eliminated, making your staff’s day-to-day work far more efficient.

For example, NetSuite automates your billing, so there’s manual intervention required. Your staff may currently be manually reconciling invoices with the right purchase orders. Or if you’re a company that sells products or services via subscriptions, they could be spending hours trawling through usage figures or manually calculating revenue and assigning it to the correct month. NetSuite does all this for you – automatically.

If you store and sell physical products, then automation for the warehouse can ensure you always know how much stock you have. For example, automated cycle counting simplifies your stock-taking efforts, with NetSuite triggering counts if stock levels fall below a predetermined threshold.

Simplifying Decision-Making with Access to Real-Time, Accurate Data

NetSuite gives you comprehensive, up-to-date insights and reports via its built-in analytics and reporting capabilities.

With live data, it is simple to generate accurate forecasts, analyse your KPIs and monitor business performance in real-time. This helps your leadership team as it simplifies decision making. With good data, presented via in-depth reports and analytics, you know that you have an accurate picture of your business. Making decisions based on solid information helps you to be confident in your choices when you make cost savings or seize new opportunities.

Planning is easier too. With oversight of your whole operation, you can quickly and simply model scenarios, inputting assumptions and changing any criteria as you go. In this way, it is simple to go through the various resulting options to project how different strategies will affect your future business performance.

You can easily identify opportunities for improvement, proactively address any potential issues and plan more effective strategic actions.

In Conclusion

The consistency and clarity you get through using NetSuite ensures that processes are automatic and save you time. Your staff work more cohesively from a single source of data and you can make better, data-driven decisions.

This makes your business far more efficient, and above all, simplifies your operations.

For more information on how NetSuite can take your business from chaos to cohesion, contact us today.


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