Thinking of Switching ERP provider? How NetSuite ERP Can Revolutionise Your Business

Thinking of Switching ERP provide How NetSuite ERP Can Revolutionise Your Business

Do you have an ageing ERP system that no longer meets your requirements? Or are you considering upgrading your current system but want to see which other options are available?

If you are thinking of switching ERP provider, then have a look at NetSuite. With a single, integrated suite of applications, it’s a cloud-based business management system that can revolutionise your business.

Automate and Streamline Your Business

NetSuite automates and streamlines business processes, saving you time and money. Your staff will no longer have to key in information from invoices or manually copy finance data between applications.

For example, NetSuite can automatically close your accounts receivable and accounts payable at year-end, effortlessly guiding you through a checklist of closing processes before you close the books and the system prepares your financial statements.

You can more efficiently manage all aspects of your operation within Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR and Operations. NetSuite takes care of daily financial transactions and functional workflows, whether you are a distributor, professional services firm, a software company or an agency.

This takes the pressure off your teams, freeing them up to better serve your customers, and helps prevent costly errors.

One System for Your Whole Business

NetSuite operates from a single database, right across the business. This facilitates better cross-company collaboration, ensuring your departments do not operate in silos.

With one single source of truth, everyone is always working with the same information. This upholds data integrity and provides your managers with timely and accurate data and reports.

Real Time Visibility for Data-Driven Decision Making

With in-comprehensive data insights and reporting capabilities, NetSuite gives you real time visibility into your financial performance.

It is quick and easy to access financial and transactional information from across your company. Reports, dashboards and visual analytics are customisable, allowing you to see data at a glance and to prepare detailed reports.

Live data and clear insight into your business allows you to make better decisions that will help you stay ahead of the competition. You can quickly identify trends and opportunities to optimise your operations for maximum return.

Anywhere, Anytime Access for Your Staff

With NetSuite, there’s no need to specially configure the system to grant access for staff. All they need is a device with a browser and an internet connection,

This supports hybrid and home working, ensuring your staff can access critical business information at any time and from anywhere.

Supports Growth and Globalisation

If growth for you means trading in more than one country, NetSuite is there to support you. It easily manages multiple legal entities, such as subsidiaries and business units within the single ERP platform.

It delivers insight into your operations at all levels – locally, regionally, nationally, for individual business units or divisions and for the entire organisation. NetSuite ERP supports more than 27 languages and 190 currencies, allowing you to easily handle global trade.

For All Types of Businesses

Whatever your business type, NetSuite will support your business with appropriate functionality.

Whether you sell physical goods or software, manufacture or assemble, run client projects or are a non-profit or educational organisation, NetSuite has a suitable module.

For example, ecommerce providers and distributors can take advantage of warehouse management, stock control and supply chain optimisation capabilities.

For professional services and agencies, there is comprehensive project and resource management, with time and expense management, flexible billing and insight into project accounting and profitability.

For SaaS and technology firms, NetSuite supports subscription models, with revenue recognition and automatic allocation that ensures compliance with all relevant standards. It handles multiple billing methods, and it’s simple to downgrade or upgrade subscriptions, put customers on hold or pause their subscription.

Scalable and Flexible

NetSuite is designed to grow as you do. It is flexible and agile and can adapt to meet your processes as they grow or change over time.

It’s simple to add modules as your requirements change. You can add ecommerce, warehouse management, order management, manufacturing, marketing automation, HR, procurement, CRM and more.

Plus, there are hundreds of apps and extensions, designed for and approved by NetSuite, which can enhance and automate your processes even further.

Because it’s cloud-based, it’s simple to scale up by adding licences for new users as you grow. Unlike some other ERP solutions, you therefore won’t outgrow NetSuite. So, there is no need for costly upgrades when your business reaches a certain size.

In Summary

NetSuite ERP is an exceptional business management software tool, offering many benefits for companies of all types, delivered via the cloud for easy accessibility and scalability.

With its comprehensive suite of integrated applications, it streamlines and automates your critical business processeswith comprehensive financial management and accounting, plus modules for so many other applications.

With NetSuite, you have real-time visibility into your operation. Together with robust reporting, this enables better decision-making and smart insights that can drive better productivity and efficiency.

With NetSuite’s versatility, functionality and user-friendly interface, it is a top choice if you are seeking a powerful, all-encompassing solution to drive your growth and success.

If you are thinking of switching your ERP provider, discover how NetSuite ERP can revolutionise your business with a free consultation or quote. Contact us today to find out more.


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