Workflow Management with ZoneApprovals for a Streamlined Approvals Process

Workflow Management with ZoneApprovals for a Streamlined Approvals Process

When it comes to company expenditure, the approvals process is demanding. Not only can it be involved and time-consuming, but it’s also difficult following up and identifying the financial impact of that expense.

With the ZoneApprovals workflow management tool, you can transform the approval workflow experience and take it from frustrating to effortless.

What is the ZoneApprovals Workflow Management App?

ZoneApprovals is an app created by Zone & Co that extends the capabilities of NetSuite. It’s part of the SuiteApp family, so is fully approved for use with NetSuite.

It’s a native app that allows any NetSuite user in your business to create, manage, edit and participate in workflows. It is easy to configure and use without extensive NetSuite experience or any development expertise.

NoBlue has partnered with Zone & Co to bring you its range of NetSuite apps, including ZoneApprovals, to help you get more out of your NetSuite system.

What does the ZoneApprovals tool do?

The ZoneApprovals app is designed for teams that run approval workflows. So that’s those handling your accounts payable, managing the payment of incoming invoices.

It is also used by those that approve payments, so anyone within your company who is responsible for commissioning services and buying goods, whether they’re in Marketing, Sales, IT, Finance, Procurement, Operations or HR.

Everyone can create, manage and edit workflows for approvals, which range from the very simple ones to more complex processes that involve several steps.

You can be up and running quickly with ZoneApprovals. Firstly, identify your transactions for approval. They might be expense reports, purchase orders, vendor bills, payments or journal entries.

Then, you configure your approvals workflows, either using the built-in templates or creating them from scratch.

With the wizard interface tool, you map out your approvals configuration and simply build a hierarchy of roles or approval levels and add a matrix of additional details. You include the department, transaction line and value, and identify who is responsible for approving what type of expenditure.

After you are satisfied with everything, all you need to do is activate your workflow and it generates a new tab called “Approvals”. This tab enables you to check the status, upcoming actions and any relevant updates.

Once ZoneApprovals is running, your staff are free from the typical admin headaches that come with the approvals process. There’s no more hunting down the right person to try to find out what the payment is for or who authorised it. And no chasing those people to get sign off.

Your staff are free from this manual work and let loose from the burden of sending all-company emails or endless Slack and Teams messages.

Everyone involved can clearly see the status, bringing transparency to your processes. Plus, approval is simple and can even be done by email. So, your managers can even approve transactions using their mobile devices while they’re on the go. There are full audit trails on all transactions to give you added assurance.

Everything is done entirely within NetSuite and users can customise and edit workflows at any time.

To eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your entire approvals process, add the ZoneApprovals app to your NetSuite system today. Contact us for pricing and to place your order.


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