NetSuite Tips: 4 Steps To Being NetSuite Certified

Revised article originally published on NetSuite’s blog by Joanne Coleman, Director, Curriculum and Certification.
NetSuite’s Certification program is constantly improving and becoming more popular than ever before with companies such as Gartner recognising NetSuite as the best business management software available, both in terms of ability and usability. Because of this the importance of becoming NetSuite certified increased with and more people flocking to the program to add to the 4000 whom already hold this accolade.
First launched in 2013, the NetSuite Certification program gives something physical to state a person has the knowledge, skills and experience to use NetSuite in different roles. The program has improved dramatically to offer 7 certification exams covering end users, financial users and SuiteAnalytics users.
If you’re not certified, wasn’t aware of the certification or just looking to learn more, here are some truly great tips on how to become NetSuite certified.

Why become certified?

This certification is more than just a typical driving licence or degree, there are different certification classifications depending on whether you’re an individual, company or distributor.
An individual who is NetSuite certified is able to broaden his/hercareer prospects, especially as more and more companies look to seek validation of  employees’ NetSuite skills or abilities. The certification gives you access to use logos across materials (your website, CV, business cards etc), NetSuite’s professional network and a 30% discount on NetSuite training courses.
For companies who use NetSuite, it’s essential to ensure their team has the very best knowledge and skills to maximise the companies return on investment. Certified staff gives the company and its clients reassurances in the quality of work, the ability and experience required to get the most from the NetSuite platform and a greater understanding when recruiting for new NetSuite roles, lowering the risk of hiring unqualified personnel and costing the company money.
For NetSuite partners the certification gives another dimension for them to market to. As a certified NetSuite partner -Like ourselves- there is an element of trust and proof which allows for greater marketability, validation of SuiteApps and to display the “Built for NetSuite” program on in house created applications. All partners can also enjoy discount on certifications for employees, making it cheaper for them to improve the standards of work their employees produce as well as improving their experiences around NetSuite.
“Certifications are a great way to set measurable, verifiable goals for our consultants and a great way to let our clients know they are working with experienced, capable advisers. Certifications give prospects and clients confidence to move forward with their NetSuite projects,” 
“The NetSuite Certification program has been of great value to us,”
Not only has it brought credibility to our company and team in the eyes of our customers, it has also helped our staff boost their knowledge of the solution, keep up to date with new releases and increase the self-confidence of the employees.”
If you’re wanting to proceed with the NetSuite certification program here are 4 tips to help you progress.

Step 1 – Select the most appropriate certification for you

There are a total of 7 different NetSuite certifications available for administrators, developers, consultants and users. These are all available to view on the NetSuite certification website. Five of these certificates are for administrators and implementers;

  • SuiteFoundation : Basic certification level for administrator, developer and consultant.
  • Administrator : Management and optimization of the daily life of the NetSuite application.
  • SuiteCloud Developer : Development and implementation of solutions to expand or customize NetSuite.
  • SuiteCommerce Developer : Development of solutions for NetSuite Commerce applications.
  • ERP Consultant : Deployment, configuration and customization of NetSuite ERP.

In addition, there are two new certifications available for end users:

  • Financial User : Main functions of Accounting and Finance.
  • SuiteAnalytics User : Training in extracting reports, analytics and Business Intelligence.

Step 2 – Training, studying and practice

There’s a wealth of resources available to anyone who is taking the certification and as these resources are all supplied by NetSuite directly, designed to help with the certification and examination.
You can also consult their study manuals, such as the “how-to” guide available in the study guide for administrator certifications . Before doing the exam, make sure you practice with the sample tests.

Step 3 – Documentation

If you need guidance on exams, know how to maintain your certification and more, the NetSuite certification website has an FAQ section which should provide answers for all of the common questions faced. If this isn’t enough, a simple Google search will show you additional resources from other users perspectives on the program allowing you to soak in all the information needed to excel during the examination. If groups or interactions is more tailored to your learning, there  are dozens of NetSuite certified groups on LinkedIn, Reddit and other community websites you can engage with.
Connect with other certified NetSuite professionals, learn from their experience and meet the certification team at SuiteWorld 2018!

Step 4 – Register and check your knowledge!

Once you get to the stage the only thing left to do is get comfortable, relax and register for the exam. There are different options you can select to take the exam, you can take it in person at one of the Kryterion exam centers, a NetSuite service provider. You can take the supervised online exam , also managed by Kryterion. Or you can take the exam during the Pre-Event Suite World 2018 Training. During this time you will be able to attend the training courses, preparatory classes and certification exam on April 22-23, before SuiteWorld starts.
After you have finished the exam you will get to learn your results instantly so no waiting around, agonising over a letter or results day. For all certifications, expect financial user and SuiteAnalytics, an annual aptitude validation test is required to ensure you’re keeping on top of the field.
What are you waiting for? Start today and get the NetSuite certification. At NoBlue we are always looking for new NetSuite consultants and developers, and having the certificate is a plus. Check out our vacancies.
Invest in a future without unemployment and without competition today.


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