Cabify, City Mobility Services for Spain, Portugal and Latin-America, Entrusts NoBlue for Online Financial Management with NetSuite ERP

Madrid, 1st March 2017.- NoBlue España, specialized in consultancy and business management software implantation as Cloud ERP is entrusted by CABIFY – the app that has revolutionised mobility in cities around the world – to implant NetSuite and carry the integration with the systems they already use.
CABIFY selected our software to run all their key back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud -including accounting, invoicing and billing and accounting consolidation. NetSuite ERP will give Cabify the agility, flexibility and scalability they need to fuel business growth and international expansion.  Amongst other benefits, the mobility app will be able to:

  • Deliver robust financial reporting to help business execute through a smooth auditing process, creating a win-win for both the businesses and their auditors.
  • Slash financial close by over 50%.
  • Drive better, faster decision-making with real-time data and reporting, and personalized dashboards.
  • Have real-time in-depth visibility and flexible control.

Improve productivity with anytime, anywhere access.
Today, more than 30,000 companies and subsidiaries depend on NetSuite to run complex, mission-critical business processes globally in the cloud. Since its inception in 1998, NetSuite has established itself as the leading provider of enterprise-ready cloud business management suites of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and ecommerce applications for businesses of all sizes. Many FORTUNE 100 companies rely on NetSuite to accelerate innovation and business transformation. NetSuite continues its success in delivering the best cloud business management suites to businesses around the world, enabling them to lower IT costs significantly while increasing productivity, as the global adoption of the cloud accelerates.
NoBlue has, since 2010, become its partner for UK, Spain and Portugal, assisting clients and counselling in the implantation process and allowing companies to:

  • Lower the cost of ownership by eliminating upfront and ongoing IT expenditures, and receiving automatic product upgrades.
  • Streamline the lead-to-cash processes.
  • Elevate productivity across the organization with a 360-degree view of their customers.
  • Capability to deliver first class customer service.
  • Manage global sales and services.

About Cabify:
We are different and we think different.  Cabify searches a positive impact in more than 30 cities and 10 countries they operate, from Latin-America, Spain and Portugal, offering a more pleasant transport, trustable and secure. From now on our blood is purple to give mobility to the cities.
For more information on Cabify:
Jaime Negredo            
91 384 67 68
[email protected]
Olga Casco                   
91 384 67 38
[email protected]
Información corporativa
[email protected]
About NoBlue:
NoBlue is NetSuite Partner for UK, Spain and Portugal and has been distinguished with 5Star award, being one of the few certified European partners for the development and implementation of SuiteCommerce, an omnichannel Commerce tool.
Because of the flexibility and customization capabilities of the software they use, they are able to provide service and counselling to enterprises in multiple industries and sectors, such Virtual Enterprises, Software/Internet Companies, IT Services, Energy, Wholesale Distribution and Retail amongst others.
NoBlue relies in a deep experienced team of consultants and certified developers to make transition and adoption of the new software a seamless experience, guaranteeing implantation in a 6 month average time and 24/7 assistance.
NoBlue’s consultants are willing to assist with any doubt or to provide more information about NetSuite ERP+CRM, it’s functionalities and implantation process.
For more information on NoBlue:
Eva Caballero – Marketing and Communications Manager.
[email protected]
Mobile +34660108720


More Information

Stephen Adamson


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(+44) 115 758 8888
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