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5 factors to consider when choosing a NetSuite partner

Today’s organisations are turning to NetSuite to not only provide them with a unified business management solution to meet short-term goals such as improving efficiency and productivity, but its agility for scaling-up and adapting as a business evolves means that it offers the capability for clear alignment towards long-term strategies. From new organisations adopting the cloud as their first solution, to businesses who are digitally transforming their infrastructure from costly and labour-draining premises-based IT solutions – NetSuite is providing that competitive edge which is vital to thrive and grow in today’s world.

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Guest Blog: Valitor – Putting payment at the heart of cutting-edge customer experience

Prioritising customer experience and building relationships via an omni-channel strategy is crucial for merchants and businesses in today’s competitive landscape.  Andrew Howell, Head of Marketing at Valitor tells us more.  Consumer expectations around the shopping experience are at an all-time high. When coupled with the astronomical growth of “mobile” and “social” in what is now…

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